Music Lessons

I have been a private voice and piano teacher for over 12 years. I currently have students from all over Los Angeles but primarily in Pasadena and Santa Monica/West LA. My students’ ages range from 4 years of age to 71 years old. Most of my students fall into the 10-18 year old range and are developing their voices and musicianship for college, competitions and events. Every year I hold a recital where the students can come together to perform for each other. Its a great experience that allows them to chart their growth and to set future goals.

I teach seven days a week but only in certain areas on certain days. Please understand that I have many students whose lives are busy. Flexibility is important as each year presents new scheduling challenges. 

I do insist that students practice on their own and take their craft seriously. I can only guide and teach through example. I cannot make them great musicians or singers, that has to come from within. 

Please contact my on my Contact page.

The first meeting must be paid for but it does go toward the first month’s fees if you decide to start lessons. I am paid in cash or check to Yoon Jeong Hwang Ball for one month prior to lessons taking place. 

I do require 24 hours cancellation notice. If you cancel within 24 hours I am sorry but I will have to charge you. I also require 4 weeks notice if you are planning to leave for the summer or take an extended break of more than two weeks.  This helps me to plan my life and schedule better. 

Things do come up in life and I do understand. Please call as soon as you know so we can talk about it. Also please inform me if you are sick or under the weather. 

Lastly, please enjoy music. Music is a release and form of happiness and community. Learning music is a journey that can be very rewarding as long as you keep a positive attitude and happy heart.

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